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Frag Summary Updated: December 31 1969 17:00:00.

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6-29-20 10:30am
We are going through a forced server change. It looks like frag logging has been broken for quite some time. We're looking into getting it up and running again.
To play the old server, while it lasts go to To play the new server go to

1-12-12 6:00pm
We had an ip address change last night. Things should be back to normal now. For best results, view frags using and play quake at as these entries are the ones I change first if there is ever a change.

5-24-11 6:00am
Ok now that's a long time between updates. I found a little bug in the frag logger that quits working if there are more than 999 frag log files. I cleaned out 500 files so it will be a year and a half before I have to think about it again. Meanwhile, the mega files I created with 100 files each make it look like the server is rocking again. Alas this is simply artifact of rearranging files.

10-19-06 3:00pm
I bet you're curious about the frag update times... I know I was. It turns out the server is in US Mountain time now. No more US Eastern time. It's what I felt I had to do after a long run of hardware failures. Perhaps I will get around to resurrecting the hardware before my colo contract runs out. I doubt it. If this server continues to be reliable, I'm not lookin' back. I still might move the fragging to another server and leave the web on this server, so don't forget that to play rocketlandmod, you need to go to, not any particular ip address and not which might become purely a web server one days soon. I see from the logs that shrap found us over here, but mastermind, denim and quite a few others seem to have lost track of the server. It's here. Come play already.

10-18-06 11:00pm
Auto frag logging is back up. Rather than rely on lengthy shell scripts, I bit the bullet and did some c coding to make the frag log parser find and process the very latest file. This should cut down on the lag caused by running hundreds of lines of shell scripts to move files around. Another enhancement is the use of php includes to pull up frags on demand rather than building static frag status pages via shell script. This means there is no way to produce archive files (yet) but freedom from lag is the priority.

10-15-06 6:00pm:
Well I found a rocketland hard drive lying around that has everything up to 2/15/2005. I know that's kinda old, but it does get me sources for everything up to Rocketland version 2.433 which includes the new voting system. However I still don't have the blog directories so I will need to fire up the bad drive at least one more time. Hopefully it was just a bad drive controller on the mobo and there is nothing wrong with the drive. I also want to get everything that was in the old CVS repository. That seems to have been somehow overlooked by my old backup scripts. In any event, I will not rely on one server from now on and will create a cron job to do full backups. I promise. Well, after the world series I will. Really. Anyway, the good news today is that with the restored files from the 2/15/05 hard drive, I should be able to get frag logging back alive in a few days.

10-14-06 8:00pm:
Well, my Tigers are in the World Series. It may take a few more days for me to get this thing back on the air :). GO TIGERS!

10-14-06 3:41pm:
Ok, bots are enabled so frag away at each other or at the bots. Frag logging is still a ways off, but at least you can play a little quake. This temporary server will run until the hardware repairs to the original machine. Look for a different ip for is the one you should go to for gaming. For now the ip is, but expect a change when the old hardware gets fixed...

10-14-06 2pm:
The test server is now running 2.426 but I haven't been able to enable bots.

There are no forums or frag logging yet. The forums and blogged were backed up to 10/12/06 but it takes time to install them on a new server. Sadly, it appears the latest rocketlandmod source code I can put my hands on is 2.419. I will keep looking...

10-13-06 10pm:
So far backups range from late 2002 to August 2006. It's taking a while sorting through hundreds of megabytes of tarballs to find the current stuff...

10-13-06 5pm:
Well, maybe not quite a week... a test server is up at without frag logging with a MUCH older version of qwprogs...

10-13-06 7am:
Sorry fraggers, but the server has experienced a hard drive and motherboard crash. It may take up to a week for fragging to resume.

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Online Server Status
If you cannot see the qplug panels below, perhaps you would rather look at current Frags. If you are using explorer just get netscape or mozilla! If you MUST use explorer, you can re-run the registry file that comes with q3plug. Normally, I wouldn't get dragged into the this browser versus that browser question, but when M$ wants all of us to rewrite our NS plugins just so they show up in IE enuf is enuf.

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